How can I get NHS Discount for TUI? Flights, Holidays & Package Deals

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EXCLUSIVE £100 Discount for NHS Staff - Requires valid NHS email.

Expires 30/11/2022

Does TUI do NHS Discount?

The best way for NHS Staff to get a discount is following the benefits below. There are plenty of opportunities to pick up a discount on your flight or holiday and improve your savings and reduce the price and cost of your holiday.

  • Use the discount codes above to save up to £200
  • Kids can go free at selected hotels
  • Book in advance if you know your dates of travel
  • Alternatively, take a look at the last minute deals

Why is there no NHS Discount for TUI?

There is no specific NHS staff deal with TUI at the moment, however they have provided us with the very latest discount codes and offers available online for you to maximise your holiday savings. Check the codes above for the latest holiday & flight deals..

Is there a TUI Discount?

Yes there are TUI discounts, the best of which are listed above. With lockdown slowly being lifted now would be a great time to book a holiday or flight, but of course, please read travelling restrictions and cancellation fees before booking through the TUI website.

We’ve had some big savings for Healthcare staff over this last year, which have included Kids go Free,  Up to £350 Discount Codes and some amazing cruise savings.These deals are constantly changing so make sure to favourite the oage in the browser which will help you jump back to this page frequently and check the TUI deals available.

TUI (formally Thomson Holidays) are one of the most well known and respected travel brands in the UK today, flying from most UK airports and with 1000’s of destinations across the world.

Customers can browse holidays by destination, dates, multi-centre, popular destinations or simply by TUI’s current deals – there’s certainly plenty of deals to choose from at TUI.

What are the NHS staff discounts at TUI?

As mentioned there are no official NHS discounts for staff to use at TUI. To view previous purchases, or to check current bookings, customers can create an account with TUI to have accessible access to all their holiday details.

Customers can also shortlist holidays as something to come back to later, when the price has been discussed with their partner.

how to get a NHS discount at TUI

TUI don’t just help customers find their perfect holiday abroad, they can help customers find the perfect cruise for them.

Whether they’re looking to cruise around Asia, the Caribbean, or the Canary Islands, TUI can help.

NHS Staff can find some amazing pictures and inspiration for where to travel next on their holiday. This inspiration can be found on the company’s website and blog.

We don’t all know our nearest store off the top of our heads, therefore customers can use TUI’s online tracker tool to find their nearest store to shop or collect an item.

TUI accepts payments in the following forms:

  •  Debit card.
  • Credit card.
  • Cheque
  • TUI credit card
  • Paypal

TUI offer amazing services that allow customers to solve all their holiday issues in one place.

How much does it cost?

Customers can calculate how much travel money is needed for their holiday, ensuring that their budget will last them, meaning no bank withdrawal costs! TUI also offer travel money for their customers.

Or customers can use a multi-currency travel money card Mastercard that holds 13 currencies on 1 card, and it’s completely free.

When customers need a little more time to think about their dream holiday, or they simply need more time to convince their other half, brochures can be found in store, and online to help makes those big decisions, like where shall we go? Or where shall we stay?

For those eager beavers that like to know what duty-free items they’re going to be offered on flight, before actually being on the flight, TUI’s shop brochure can also be found online.

If a customer has a query, they can find FAQs on the company’s website. However, if an answer cannot be found, TUI can be contacted via telephone (found on their website), or a letter can be sent to their office address.

I have previously worked in the Emergency service sector with 14 years experience in the Police Force. Now working hard to find Healthcare Staff the best deals and savings available online. You can contact me via my email, or view my linkdin profile here.

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