O2 NHS Discount for Health Service Staff – save 25%

O2 NHS Discount

O2 is one of the UK’s most well known telecommunications services – you can find a shop on more or less any high street in Britain today. The good news is that O2 offer NHS discounts to staff and employees through their new airtime plans, where you can save up 25% on mobile phone bills.

Employer Perks with O2 - Save 25% Discount on Airtime Plans.
Employer Perks with O2 - Save 25% Discount on Airtime Plans.
NHS Staff can take advantage with O2 Employer Perks - Saving 25% off airtime plans
Latest iphone Deals on O2
Latest iphone Deals on O2
Latest iphone deals on O2 - includes SIM only packages and Data deals

The company’s focus is on providing you with a high standard, making sure you get the best mobile phone deal possible, along with quality service and rewards for loyalty.

What Discount do O2 provide to NHS Staff?

O2 very kindly offer a generous 25% Discount on your Airtime plan when you buy a phone online. This is available for staff who are able to produce a valid email address or payslip. Once that has been confirmed you should get your discount applied to your account within 28 days.

Perhaps one of the biggest and best features O2 has to offer is the ability to customize your plan. Their website informs customers that no two plans have to be the same, so if you want to reduce your monthly bill by spreading the cost up to 36 months, the custom plans allow you to do so.

These plans are truly designed to suit your situation, whether you’d prefer to spread out payments in the 36 month plan or you’d rather choose as little as three months if you want to pay it off quicker.

O2 NHS Discount Codes

nhs discount for o2 staff

Regardless of your mobile phone contract needs O2 is a great destination to find your next handset or contract.

Speaking of destinations the company also offer their users regular holiday competitions. So if the opportunity to win a holiday to the likes of Madrid, Barcelona or Seville sounds inviting then be sure to consider this company.

As ever, we bring you the very latest discounts and promotions from O2 so you’ll never miss a great deal!

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