Apple NHS Discounts on the Top Technology of 2021

Best Apple NHS Discount deals for all your technology needs.

Apple it’s a brand we all know for its unique design and famous logo. Currently there is no official NHS discount for Apple however.

The Apple brand is known as one of the biggest technology brands in the world today. It is a company best known by it’s ever popular products, which consist of:

  • The iPhone (smartphone),
  • The iPad (tablet),
  • The Mac (computer),
  • The iPod (portable media player),
  • The Apple Watch (smartwatch),
  • The Apple TV (digital media player),
  • The AirPods (wireless earbuds),
  • The AirPods Max (headphones),
  • The HomePod (smart speaker).

The company would be nothing without the men who founded Apple in 1977. These men were Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Ronald Wayne later sold his share of the company to Jobs and Wozniak, who are now co-founders of the company.

They originally started the business in Steve Jobs’ garage, but today they are one of the biggest companies in the world. Everyone knows Apple and its iconic products. These days you’re either an Apple or Android lover, with the market remaining split between the two.

If you’re an Apple lover though, we may just have the deal for you!

FAQs and Help

Does Apple give NHS discount?

Apple’s NHS discounts aren’t listed specifically on the Apple website, however they do offer them. For the latest Apple discount codes check out our page, as we offer the most up to date discounts for the NHS.

Who gets discount at Apple?

If you’re part of the military or armed forces, then you should be eligible for a 10% discount on Apple services and accessories. You can redeem this discount in store or online through the Apple website. You could also get savings for family members that live in the same household as you too, meaning even your loved ones could enjoy this fantastic deal!

What discount do Apple employees get UK?

Apple employees receive a 25% discount on each model of iPad and iPod, as well as a once a year 25% discount on a computer of their choice. This is a generous discount considering these Apple products retail price, therefore meaning their staff members get big savings.

Do Apple do Black Friday deals?

If you want to get the best Apple Black Friday deals, then we recommend using a third party retailer. Third party retailers such as Amazon are known for their amazing Black Friday deals.

Apple products are often included in these deals but you’ll need to be patient to get the best deals. Black Friday is no longer a one day event, it seems to span on now for at least a week.

Because of this the bigger deals are released daily and will only have a limited number of units to sell. We recommend during the Black Friday week that you regularly check for the tech deals to secure the best discount.

Does Apple do Cyber Monday?

Apple products can be found on sale on Cyber Monday at third-party retailers. To secure the best deal on Apple products for Cyber Monday you should regularly check your go to third-party retailer, such as Amazon to secure the best possible deal for you.